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To start things off, here is some background information: I was born in 1986, started my video game hobby when I got my first proper game console (the NES) in 1995, first started to use the Internet somewhere around 1999 or so, learned how to make websites in 2000, and got my first computer in 2001. Nothing that significant has really happened since then.

Video games have been a huge part of my life. I used to really like the platformers in the Super Mario series, but these days I can’t really play them, because I feel so bad for the innocent little Koopas and Goombas and the other creatures the cruel Mario brothers are always stomping on. I know I’m the one in control and can do my best to avoid the carnage, but that doesn’t always work, and sometimes the game forces you to hurt those little guys, it’s so mean! So I’ll just have to stick to playing the karting games from the Mario universe instead, at least those ones are all friendly fun, just driving around and nobody gets hurt. Even the banana peel items you use against the other drivers have smiling faces. However, as great as those games are, my all-time favourite karting experience is Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64. Other games I really like are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 3, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and the Taiko no Tatsujin series.

Porco Rosso is the best movie ever. Studio Ghibli movies in general are great, Princess Mononoke for example being a fantastic piece of animation art. Other very nice moving pictures are Sense and Sensibility, Much Ado About Nothing, This is Spinal Tap, and Jurassic Park.

My favourite seasons are autumn and winter. I have non-24 and I really need to have quite a bit of dark time during the night to be able to sleep at ‘socially acceptable times’, and during summer that is very difficult with all the extra light.

My favourite type of tea is Earl Grey. I first had it after my brother observed Captain Picard always drinking it in Star Trek: The Next Generation and persuaded our mother to buy some so he could try it out as well. I can’t drink it every day because I always end up putting way too much sugar in it.

I go through quite ridiculous amounts of freshly ground black pepper: I put a lot of it in all the foods I eat and I think I might have developed some sort of addiction to it. Some day I may start adding it to desserts, too.

Some of my favourite activities are sleeping, eating, grocery shopping, cooking, and baking. I’ve spent countless hours watching cooking programmes by Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, and I’ve picked up quite a few recipes and food preparation tricks along the way.

I’m unemplyed at the moment, and I’ve never had a proper full-time job, mostly because of health problems. I guess my dream job is being a housewife, as I like to spend most of my time at home and maybe even do some chores every now and then, and I have a personality type which I know would make me too stressed out with work related responsibilities if I had a job. But then again I don’t think there is anyone crazy enough out there who would want to marry me and support me financially while I basically just potter around the house all day, so it’s not very likely to happen.

And, uh... I can’t think of anything else to write!

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