I have moved to a new address!

After almost five years on the web, it’s time for me to say goodbye to anipike.neocities.org.
Many thanks for all the people who have supported, followed, and visited my site over the years!
At the moment of closure it had 150 followers and over 100,000 views, which is really incredible.
I’ve decided to create a new site for myself, with a new Neocities account and everything.
I didn’t want to simply change my username, but to start from scratch.
Having ‘anipike’ as my username never really felt that fitting for me, as I never got around to creating a proper tribute to Anime Web Turnpike/Anipike like I originally intended to do.
I’ve been thinking about a new username and address for a while now, and finally came up with something.
Well, it wasn’t that hard in the end, I just played around with my real name and came up with something that nobody else was really using on the Internets.
If you want to, check out my new site at nenko.neocities.org.
Pretty much all of the pages from this place will be moved there.
I’m also working on some new content.
Once again, thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you on my new site. ^_^

[Written on 2019/10/18.]