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Sunday, 14th of April, 2019

Watched the Formula 1 race that was on today. Well, I didn’t really watch, mostly listened to it while sitting at the computer. It was a rather uneventful race, now wasn’t it.

I started a proper diet yesterday. I’m planning to eat a maximum of 1,600 calories a day from now on. I hope the amount is low enough, since I have quite a lot of weight to lose.

Still trying to come up with some content for this place, but I haven’t really had any ideas yet. I guess I could revive some of the old pages I had here in the past, if I can’t come up with anything new.

Sunday, 7th of April, 2019

Finished watching The Princesss Bride today.

Saturday, 6th of April, 2019

Watched the rest of Ant-Man and about half of The Princess Bride today. Also watched the first episode of Full House. I had never seen the show before, so I was rather curious to see what it’s like.

Friday, 5th of April, 2019

Got Yoshi’s Crafted World in the mail today, yay. I played the first four levels with my mother in co-op mode, and the game seems like a lot of fun.

My brother signed up for a thirty day free trial of Netflix today, and after we casually browsed what shows and movies it has available, I ended up watching about forty minutes of Ant-Man in his room, standing all that time. I better bring a chair for myself when we watch the remaining part of the movie.

Tuesday, 2nd of April, 2019

I bought Yoshi’s Crafted World from an online store today since none of the local shops here had it in stock. It has already been shipped out, so it’s possible that it arrives to me this week. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 1st of April, 2019

Another new start for this diary. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve begun again.

I had an appointment with a dietitian a week ago. It turns out I drink too much fruit juice daily, which may have influenced my rather sudden weight gain last year. So now I’m going to limit drinking it to one glass a day to see if that helps with my weight loss attempts.

Been looking for Yoshi’s Crafted World in the local shops, but none seem to have it in stock (yet). I’ll buy it online if it’s not available tomorrow. I’m planning on playing it together with my mother in co-op mode. She usually only plays Taiko no Tatsujin and puzzle games, so she’s not that used to platformers, but I guess she could get the hang of it reasonably quickly.

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