Howdy. This is my small site that is dedicated to all kinds of retro stuff.

One of the many things this place is a kind of tribute to is the source of my Neocities username: the late, original version of Anime Web Turnpike, or ‘Anipike’ for short. It was one of my all-time favourite websites. At some point the site changed owners and it became very different, and it was eventually closed down in late 2014, but at least the original version of it is still available in archived form.

There isn’t much content here at the moment, but I hope that in the near future I will be inspired to write more stuff. If I ever get around to doing so, it will most likely be about classic video games or something related to movies by Studio Ghibli. I don’t have any image editing software other than the very limited Microsoft Paint, so there aren’t many graphics or images here. Then again, back when I studied graphic design and had to learn Photoshop I was mostly bored out of my mind in class, so I may not be that keen on using software like that even if I had access to them all.

I don’t visit my profile on Neocities that often, maybe once or twice a month, so I might not see any comments you’ve written on my profile page/feed/whatever-it’s-called until after a really long time, so the best way to get my attention is to send email to me. The address is at the bottom of this page. I don’t want people to think I’m rude or something if I haven’t replied to their messages on Neocities, I just usually don’t know that anyone has even written anything to me. And sometimes I forget to check my email for days as well, oops. ^_^

Pages I’ve managed to make so far

News, updates, planned stuff, etc.


Thanks for 30,000 views! ^_^

I added the Blades of Steel soundtrack to the music page, yay.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by! ^_^

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